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I have secrets of Good Quality Products, DLC Delicate Designs is a online based business that provides professional and creative solutions without having to go through expensive and delayed agencies. Visual treats to engage and delivered on time with a lasting Impression.

 It is a process that involves a beneficial relationship and understanding to deliver memorable pieces that have individual and memorable stories.

 "Quality Products is important to businesses and other walks of life in varied ways & therefore its my mission to make sure to deliver what's expected." 

I strive to fully contribute to all tasks including queries, big & small. I thrive on taking challenges head on. I see my clients relationship as extremely important & go out of my way to assist. I am young, I am ambitious & I have alot of goals in life, I know hard work & perseverance. I will make sure I achieve what I want out of life & for myself career wise, therefore I will never sell myself short by doing half work & put in anything less than 110%.



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Anika Malan


My purpose for providing unique products & services.

Anika (29)

Wife, Mom, Boss

During my whole life & experience I have been interested in Art & Creativity, especially Graphic designing and providing amazing products, such as fashion, home decor, educational toys & beyond. I have seen alot of advertising and things that bring joy to people, just because of that I became inspired & influenced by the subject.

 I've always been interested particularly in owning an online store  that will provide visual communication & unique products that will bring attention to audience that will impact them in a positive way.

 I think & I believe that my potentials & my creativity will make the full use of my ability to provide great services for my clients.


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